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A Crazy Scotsman Abroad

On June 14 Duncan Hutchison left from Whale Creek Marina on The Sleipnir and embarked on a 100 day journey across the Atlantic towards his home in Lochiniver, Scotland. The kicker is, he is rowing his way across without the use of a motor, sail or support boat. It’s only a meager 3262 miles away!

The boat, which he built himself, is equipped with a water maker, solar panels, a life raft, an EPIRB, flares, sea anchors, freeze dried food from Expedition Foods, various electronics that assist him with navigation (GPS Training), and a Wilson Cast Away volleyball to keep him company. He also has a few spare oars, of course!

Duncan is crossing the pond for WaterAid, a charity that provides clean water, decent toilets and hygiene education to those in need (donate here). When he left Strathmere he headed SE for a few days and averaged 28 miles a day. Once he got himself into the Gulf Stream and started heading NE he rowed up to 108 miles a day! As of today, day 24, he has rowed a total of 1358 miles. A third of the way done! You can track him on (watch out, it’s addicting). We are super proud of him and can’t wait to hear about his adventure when he lands in Scotland.

If you are interested in his story please like him on facebook and check out his website!

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