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Meet Speedy

Meet Speedy!  Speedy is as much a member of the crew as any of the kids that work at Whale Creek Marina.  After 10 years of rescues, mud and minnowing, she desperately needed a facelift, some attention to various parts of her body and her get-up-and-go has not had any serious maintenance ever.  (aka, her engine desperately needed to be serviced).  Seriously, the last time this boat has been out of the water for maintenance was 6 years ago.  And all she got was an oil change and one hole patched.

But this week is Speedy’s week to be the center of attention.  Follow along as Speedy is transformed from an overworked Cinderella to a beautiful princess.  Here are some photos of Speedy before…we will post some “during” photos soon…


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